Sword Health Study Finds Platform Promotes Health Equity in Pain Care

A recent study published in Nature Digital Medicine reveals that Sword Health’s end-to-end platform has a positive impact on health equity in pain care. The study, conducted by a team of researchers, demonstrates that Sword Health is the first to provide evidence of a truly equitable solution for pain. The platform’s ability to predict, prevent, and treat pain has shown greater impact on productivity and non-work activities in socioeconomically vulnerable groups.

The study found that Sword Health’s digital care programs offer equitable rehabilitation to its members regardless of their socioeconomic background, race, or access to nearby healthcare facilities. This is a significant step towards addressing the worst outcomes often seen in socially deprived groups within healthcare, particularly in pain care.

By breaking down barriers related to time and geography, Sword Health’s digital physical therapy program allows patients to complete therapy sessions anytime and anywhere. This removes obstacles such as distance from providers, provider shortages, long waiting lists, inability to take time off work, and lack of transportation. The platform’s use of real-time feedback and AI, overseen by a doctor of physical therapy, further enhances accessibility and promotes health equity.

The study also revealed that Sword Health’s approach to digital physical therapy extends beyond addressing time and geographical constraints. The platform is designed to target other social determinants of health, resulting in equitable rehabilitation of all patients. Sword Health’s commitment to equity is also evident in its diverse clinical team, which is 69% female and 16% Black, among other diverse backgrounds.

Using a social deprivation index (SDI), the study applied a validated metric to over 12,000 chronic pain patients being treated with Sword Health. Despite greater disease burden observed in socioeconomically vulnerable patients, the study found that Sword Health’s patient-centered approach and culturally sensitive care team promote equity in pain treatment and lead to improvements across all groups.

Overall, this study highlights the impact that a well-constructed digital program can have on addressing social determinants of health and equalizing healthcare delivery for those who need it the most. Sword Health’s platform is revolutionizing pain care by providing equitable access to world-class care, regardless of socioeconomic status or other social factors.

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Sword Health: [insert link to Sword Health website]

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