Volkswagen impulsa la innovación y la experiencia del cliente a través de la inteligencia artificial
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Volkswagen Drives Innovation and Customer Experience through Artificial Intelligence

Volkswagen has taken a significant step towards the future of the automotive industry by announcing the creation of its Artificial Intelligence (AI) LAB. This dedicated division for AI technology development aims to fully harness the potential for innovation and speed that these solutions can offer.

The AI LAB will be a specialized laboratory that connects all the operational centers of the Volkswagen Group. Its mission will be to identify and develop new ideas and products based on AI, constantly seeking to improve the customer experience and take the automotive industry to another level.

In this regard, AI experts will work in collaboration with all the brands of the group, fostering creativity and innovation. The Supervisory Board, composed of high-level representatives of the company, will closely review the activities of the AI LAB, ensuring the quality and relevance of the projects.

While the AI LAB will not produce new models, it will be responsible for identifying and developing revolutionary ideas that can lead to new exclusive concepts for Volkswagen or in collaboration with strategic partners. Focus areas include entertainment and navigation applications, as well as advanced systems based on voice recognition.

Additionally, the laboratory will collaborate with companies from both the Volkswagen Group and technology companies in Europe, China, and North America, enabling a global exchange of knowledge and experiences.

This initiative demonstrates that Volkswagen firmly believes in the power of artificial intelligence and is committed to leading innovation in the automotive industry. The recent inclusion of ChatGPT in their latest models is further evidence of their dedication to AI and its impact on the future driving experience. Without a doubt, Volkswagen is at the forefront of digital transformation in this important sector.

Key Definitions:
– Artificial Intelligence (AI): An area of computer science that focuses on the development of algorithms and systems capable of performing tasks that require human intelligence, such as voice recognition or decision-making.

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