Robo de un televisor termina en arresto de dos adolescentes en Béccar

Theft of a Television Ends in Arrest of Two Teenagers in Béccar

In the town of Béccar, in San Isidro, an incident occurred this weekend that caught the attention of the local police. Two teenagers were seen carrying a 49-inch television, but when they noticed the police presence, they threw the television on the sidewalk and fled. The reason? These youths had stolen the television, along with other items, from a house in the same area just minutes before.

The theft took place last Saturday afternoon when the victim’s parents were not home. According to information obtained, the thieves entered through the back of the house by jumping a gate or forcing a fence. One of the criminals asked the teenager if his father was present, pretending to be a gardener named Santiago. Unaware of their intentions, the young man went to fetch his phone to speak with his father, at which point the thieves took the opportunity to enter his room and threaten him with a knife.

The two teenagers intimidated the young man into revealing the location of his parents’ room. Frightened, the teenager began to cry, and the criminals locked him in the bathroom while they ransacked his parents’ room. During the robbery, the young man’s phone started ringing, but he managed to deceive the thieves by pretending it was his aunt calling and that she would soon come to pick him up for a family lunch. Believing his story, the thieves fled with several stolen items, including the 49-inch television.

However, they did not escape for long, as they encountered the police just 10 blocks away from the scene of the robbery. The victim’s mother had already filed a report, and the police were able to apprehend the thieves. Both teenagers were taken to a juvenile detention center and will face charges of “robbery with the use of a weapon.”

This incident highlights the importance of being vigilant and taking precautions in our homes to avoid becoming victims of theft. Additionally, it reminds us of the importance of having a proper security system in place and reporting any suspicious activity to the authorities. Collaboration between the community and the police is essential in combating crime and ensuring the safety of everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Robbery Incident in Béccar, San Isidro:

1. Where did the robbery incident occur?
The robbery incident took place in Béccar, a town in the San Isidro district, province of Buenos Aires.

2. What happened during the robbery?
Two teenagers entered a house by climbing a gate or forcing a fence. They threatened a young man with a knife to reveal the location of his parents’ room and locked him in the bathroom while they ransacked the room.

3. What items were stolen?
The thieves took several items, including a 49-inch television.

4. How were the thieves captured?
The police found them just 10 blocks away from the scene of the robbery thanks to the report previously filed by the victim’s mother.

5. What charges will the thieves face?
Both teenagers will face charges of “robbery with the use of a weapon.”

Definitions of Key Terms:

– Partido: In Argentina, a partido is an administrative subdivision of a province and can contain one or several cities or towns.
– Alambrado: A wire fence used to border or protect an area.

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