Riggs, el perro héroe que sobrevivió a un tiroteo y recibió múltiples reconocimientos

Riggs, the Hero Dog who Survived a Shooting and Received Multiple Recognitions

Riggs is a Belgian Malinois shepherd who excelled for years in the K9 department of the Kenosha Police Department in Wisconsin. Known for his skill in detecting narcotics and neutralizing dangerous targets, it was his bravery in an encounter in Chicago that turned him into a living legend.

In 2021, Riggs successfully neutralized an active shooter suspected of a double murder, receiving a gunshot wound to the head in the process. Despite initial concerns, Riggs made a full recovery and returned to his duties.

For his honorable service and courageous performance, Riggs has received numerous recognitions. In 2022, he won the Dog Hero award in the Law Enforcement and First Aid category. Additionally, he was awarded the Purple Heart and Silver Star, two of the most prestigious commendations in the United States.

Recently, Riggs was also recognized by the Wisconsin State Capitol, his hometown. During a ceremony before the State Assembly, Riggs and his handler received the recognition in an emotional event.

Riggs’ bravery not only saved the life of his handler but also that of numerous citizens. His story is an inspiring example of courage and dedication. Riggs is a true hero who has left an indelible mark on the Kenosha Police Department and the community at large.

Riggs’ legacy continues to grow as he receives more commendations and recognitions. His story is a reminder of the importance and value of service dogs in the fight against crime and the protection of the community.