Investigadores crean un robot capaz de ordenar habitaciones

Researchers Create a Robot Capable of Tidying Rooms

A group of researchers from the University of New York and Meta has developed a project that combines artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a robot capable of tidying rooms. This robot utilizes a technology called OK-Robot, which trains robots in the tasks of picking up and moving objects in unfamiliar environments.

The process begins by scanning the room’s environment using an iPhone app that captures a 3D video of the space. Then, the OK-Robot system uses an artificial intelligence object detection model to identify the objects and their locations in the room.

Once the robot has this information, the team instructs it on which object to pick up and where to place it. The robot’s arm carries out the task, with an overall success rate of 58.5%, increasing to 82% in less cluttered rooms.

However, there are limitations to the robot’s abilities as it can only pick up and drop objects, and it cannot perform more complex tasks such as folding or hanging clothes. While this advancement is promising, the researchers acknowledge that there is still work to be done to improve the robot’s skills.

The potential of this project lies in its ability to combine OK-Robot with voice recognition models, which would allow verbal instructions to be given to the robot. This would further facilitate its development for home environments and open up new possibilities for interaction between humans and robots.

This advancement demonstrates how artificial intelligence is unlocking solutions for previously difficult problems. As new technologies continue to develop, we are likely to see further advances in the field of domestic robots and their integration into our everyday lives.

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