¿Es la inteligencia artificial el futuro de la cocina?
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Is Artificial Intelligence the Future of Cooking?

In a world where Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made significant advancements in various areas, from language translation to speech writing, there is still one field where it seems to struggle: cooking. Monstrous tomatoes and grotesque portions are just some of the strange culinary creations that result when AI attempts to recreate food images.

However, Heinz, along with VML Spain, is determined to bridge this gap between food and technology. They have released the first recipe book that teaches AI and humans to cook like professionals.

Caio Fontenele, Director of Heinz New Ventures, explains that they decided to test AI because over 50% of the population uses this technology in their daily lives, even for searching recipes and getting inspiration in the kitchen. However, they realized that while AI is capable of performing many complex tasks, it needs assistance when it comes to cooking.

The Heinz AI Cookbook is a significant milestone for the brand as it aims to open up the world of their main ingredient, Heinz tomatoes, to everyone. Paco Badia, Executive Creative Director of VML Spain, states that the AI’s inability to accurately portray food images has allowed them to highlight the superiority of Heinz tomatoes and show how they can be the foundation of any recipe.

Although AI may not be an expert in the kitchen, its involvement in this new recipe book demonstrates how technology is integrating into our everyday lives, even in traditionally human domains like cooking. Will artificial intelligence be the future of gastronomy? Only time will tell.

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