Google lanza Gemini: una nueva era para la inteligencia artificial generativa

Google Launches Gemini: A New Era for Generative Artificial Intelligence

Google has taken a step further in consolidating its vision for generative artificial intelligence with the launch of Gemini. During the first half of 2023, the company introduced its chatbot Bard, but now it has decided to rename it as Gemini and release its new mobile application for Android devices.

The main innovation of Gemini is that it can replace Google Assistant on mobile phones. The native Gemini application unlocks unique potential and offers advanced features such as sending text messages, creating voice messages, generating images from text, and even creating code. These capabilities were not available in Google Assistant.

Unlike Google Pixel or Galaxy S24 phone models, which have built-in artificial intelligence on the device, the Gemini application for Android is cloud-based. This means that request management and processing can be different.

The Gemini application is now available on the Google Play Store for users in the United States and in English. In the coming days, it will be launched in Japanese and Korean, and soon it will be available in other countries and compatible with more languages.

In addition, Google has introduced a new premium version of the chatbot called Gemini Advanced, based on the large-scale language model Gemini Ultra 1.0. This version allows for even more complex tasks, understanding longer instructions, and handling nuances within those instructions.

To access Gemini Advanced, Google has created a subscription called Google One AI Premium, available in over 150 countries. This subscription, with a monthly cost of $19.99, offers access to the most advanced chatbot and 2 TB of storage, along with other benefits of Google One membership.

With Gemini, Google sets a milestone in the evolution of generative artificial intelligence and provides users with a more comprehensive and advanced experience on their Android mobile devices.

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