Errores en la reserva de vuelos: una odisea burocrática

Errors in Flight Reservations: A Bureaucratic Odyssey

The story shared by Instagram user @pauligaarcia_ has exposed the challenges and obstacles that travelers face when they make mistakes in flight bookings and try to correct them shortly after the purchase. In a revealing video, Paula recounted how a simple error in selecting the month of her flight turned into a true bureaucratic odyssey, leaving her with a significant financial loss and no clear solution.

Paula’s odyssey began just an hour after making the ticket purchase when she realized the error in the date. The booking platform provided no direct solution and redirected her to the involved airlines, marking the beginning of a frustrating experience. Paula then faced customer service systems dominated by “chatbots,” which further complicated the situation as she couldn’t communicate with a real person. Each airline shifted the responsibility to the others, creating an apparently endless cycle of evasive responses.

It is important to mention that airlines’ general policies often allow for changes or cancellations within a 24 to 48-hour window after purchase, aiming to protect both consumers and companies from unintentional mistakes. However, in this particular case, the system failed, leaving Paula with a financial loss of $1,244.

Based on this heartbreaking experience, Paula shared the following advice: “The cheap option ends up being expensive because even if we choose companies based on their price, they won’t refund our money if we encounter a problem. I always recommend paying for cancellation insurance. You never know what might happen.”

This story has generated thousands of views on social media and has received all kinds of comments from users, highlighting the importance of paying attention and taking responsibility for our own mistakes when planning our travels.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What mistake did Paula make when booking her flight?
– Paula selected the wrong month for her flight.

2. What difficulties did Paula face when trying to correct the error?
– The booking platform provided no direct solutions and redirected her to the involved airlines. Additionally, she encountered automated customer service systems that made it difficult to communicate with a real person.

3. What was the outcome of this experience for Paula?
– Paula suffered a financial loss of $1,244.

4. What advice does Paula share as a result of this experience?
– Paula recommends always paying for cancellation insurance when choosing airlines based on their price, as you never know what might happen and insurance can protect against financial losses.


1. Ticket: A document that guarantees a person’s right to board a mode of transportation, in this case, a flight.
2. Airlines: Companies that offer air transportation services for passengers and cargo.
3. Evade: To elude or avoid facing a problem or responsibility.

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