La inteligencia artificial impulsa la innovación en los supermercados

Artificial Intelligence Drives Innovation in Supermarkets

Several companies are relying on cutting-edge technology to create the stores and innovations of tomorrow. The rise of artificial intelligence has also reached the world of supermarkets and the food industry, offering solutions that improve productivity and efficiency in shopping.

One of the most notable advancements comes from Freshflow, a company that uses AI to predict the amount of products that will be purchased by customers in the upcoming days. Thanks to this technology, supermarket managers can avoid wasting perishable food by placing more precise orders. Results obtained in a German store show a 30% reduction in products that need to be discarded, resulting in a 3% increase in annual profits.

On the other hand, BlakBear has developed a gas detection system for food packaging. Sensors located inside the containers can identify substances such as ammonia, carbon dioxide, and volatile organic compounds. This technology improves food safety and ensures product quality. By the year 2025, millions of packages are estimated to have this technology and be able to communicate with other devices through Bluetooth or NFC.

Lastly, Fresh4cast has created an AI-based prediction system that allows suppliers to generate different scenarios and understand the future behavior of products. This tool is especially useful for farmers, who can make informed decisions on how to distribute their harvest throughout the year.

In summary, artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the supermarket sector by offering innovative solutions that improve inventory management, food safety, and decision-making. Thanks to these technologies, supermarkets of the future will be able to provide a more efficient and satisfying service for both customers and managers. AI is positioning itself as an indisputable ally in the advancement and transformation of the food industry.

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